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If Your Business has an ONLINE Presence
It should be available on a Mobile APP as well…

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You worked hard to fine tune your website and optimize it.
Why waste Time, Money & Resources When You Can Harness the Power
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You’ll Never Have To Outlay Massive Costs, Months Of Time & Recurring Maintenance Costs Ever Again On App Development.

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  • No more spending hours and hours creating the perfect app for your business/website.
  • No need to spend costly recurring charges for complicated drag & drop builders.
  • Never again will you have to hire a development team to make your mobile app.
  • No more maintenance overheads with app code.
  • No need to make any HUGE investments (of both time and money).
  • No life-draining tech skills required – this is soooo simple & easy.

Just $25US One Time Fee and you will have your website App delivered to you within 48 Hours. All you need to do then is Upload to the App Stores and tell your customers.
(Simple Instructions are Provided). Or if you prefer we can do the entire operation for just $75.

The POWER PACKED Features INSIDE SpecialityApps That

Auto Updating

Changes or updates that are implemented on your site will automatically be reflected in the app too! You don’t need to worry about updating code, functionality breakage
or anything. If your site is working fine, your app will be rocking as well.

3rd Party Script/Coding Works

Most drag & drop platforms cannot provide complex functionality inside app. They are not flexible enough to provide addition of new code.

If your site has some unique functionality, you can develop in into the app. Without SpecialityApps you are likely going to need to invest 18 weeks (or more) in development.

Amazon Affiliate

Convert Your Existing Amazon Affiliate Blog into an Android App & Publish on Play Store & Grow your Amazon Income 10 fold.

Local Business App

Do you have a Offline Business with a website?

Then use SpecialityApps to Create an Android App & Always be in touch with your customers with the help of Push Notifications. Keep them updated with your new products & make them come back to your store with the help of Discount Coupons & Offers.

Smart entrepreneurs are capitalizing on this dominating trend of apps, and it’s something that every smart website owner should be implementing in their business

It’s Simple:

If your want to grow your Online or Offline Business / Brand.
If you want more traffic and exposure.

You Need To be In Mobile Apps Before Your Competitors.

Stats show that Mobile Users spend 86% of their time on mobile apps and just 14% on websites.

What To Do After We Make your App?

  • Upload this App to Google Play Store and other Android Stores & markets to get wider reach
  • Ask your close customers to download your app containing high quality content inside. Offer them some bonuses in return for reviews
  • Place proper tags and an eye catching headline to your apps in the android marketplace.
  • With Reviews & Ratings, your app will be ranked well on play stores & other android marketplaces. It will bring in an unstoppable ripple effect of traffic from organic searches based on your good rating and reviews.
  • Continue to provide quality to your customers & monetize app for profit.
  • You can monetize your app either by In-App Purchase or running ads through Admob integration

Instructions are Provided for the Above Steps.

The next step.

  • The following are required.
  • Your Name.
  • Your Email
  • Your app name (the name which you want to display for your app on mobile device).
  • Your website address.
  • A 96px x 96px .png formatted icon file
  • A 480px x 800px splash screen image in .jpg format.

Send all of the above info to Lee Asher at: lee@specialitywebsites.com

Pay just $25 US using Paypal or Credit Card to Lee Asher HERE
Or HERE for the full monte for Just $75.

Any Queries or Questions please use our Support Desk.